Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Shelby
From: Ray White

My Jack Russell Story:

I got our JRT, Shelby, after bumping into a guy who was jogging with his dog on Forbidden Drive in Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia. This dog was the Arnold Schwarznegger of Jack Russels. They must have jogged all the time because this pup was pumped up! It was before the New York Times' Style section did a big cover piece on JRTs (1991?) and the breed was really hot. Anyway, Shelby is a panic. Acquired him from a breeder in southern Pennsylvania and then moved to Little Rock four years ago. Arkansas just got started having a JRT club but we're not really joiners and dropped out after going to the state's first JRT trials. Anyway, the story I was going to tell is how when Shelby was about 6 months old he was playing with our daughter and snatched the headband off her head and swallowed it! Emergency call to the vet told us to give him tincture of ipekak to make him toss it up. So we put Shelby on the kitchen table on a bunch of newspapers and he lapped up the syrup and sure enough, barfed up the headband.

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