Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: little dog, big dog.
From: Fifa

My Jack Russell Story:

I am a 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier, and my best friend is a 6 month old Rotweiller named Bear. We like going to the park where we go running. I run circles around him, while he tries to catch me. And when he does, I'm screwed!!! I also taught him how to jump off a flight of stairs, and to crash into the wall. While in the house we play tug-O-war with the rope, and when I win, I like to tease him until he pounces on me. Bear really likes grabbing hold of my tail and pulling and dragging me around the floor. Bear likes to jump off of the couch and tackle me when I steal his bone. Ow, he's heavy! When Bear gets too tough, that pisses me off, so I lock jaw onto his sloppy chops. Otherwise, Bear and I are the best of buddies. When we go the park people laugh at us. I am a master of dribbling the soccer ball, while Bear just likes to bite it and run away. I am working on him though. He will learn how to dribble it just like me. Then we can play 1v1. I'll win though, cuz I'm faster! Bear says, "No you won't. I'm bigger and I'll squash ya!"

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