Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Sharing? What's That?
From: Meghan

My Jack Russell Story:

I have had my JRT, Petey, since he was five weeks old. He is now 14 months. Recently Petey and I have moved in with my boyfriend and Sundance (a 2 yr old lab) Petey and Sundance love each other and play all day. We had read about how JRT's love to guard their toys. Until now I had not realized how selfish these sweet little JRT's can be. At night Petey and Sundance play with their many toys in the family room. Every night I will hear Sundance crying and whining because Petey will have every one of the toys between his paws. Chewies, balls, stuffed animals etc.. Petey's only goal is to see how many he can collect without losing any to Sundance. And of course he has to torment Sundance even more by tossing the toys in the air and catching them. Poor Sundance, he knows better than to try to get any of them from Petey!

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