Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Gus the Wild Hunter
From: David Dedwylder

My Jack Russell Story:

Well to begin Gus was adopted from a family that could not handle his wildness equipped with a doggy door he created to much havoc for anyone to contain. Without knowing this is when I the owner came into play. He was a ball of energy ever since the first day. I lived with him in an apartment and played with him from daylight until dark but he still had energy left at the end of the day. It wasn't until I took him out to a local farm that I realized his full potential. He began by jumping straight into the middle of a pond and swam for about an hour until finding a rabbit that he could chase and man what a site. He chased this rabbit in a wide open field for about a half hour until he bayed it in a hole in the bushes and this is where the havoc broke out. I have never heard such a bark and growl come out of such a little dog. He kept this rabbit bayed until dark and when it was time to go home I put him in the back of my truck and you have never seen such a happy dog. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Gus has become a great part of my life and has given me the energy to keep going everyday, man what an animal!

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