Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Deer Hunter
From: Jackie and Cate

My Jack Russell Story:

Aggie lives in New York City but gets to go to the country on the weekends, Aggie was about one year old when I took her to Woodstock for the weekend. When we pulled up the driveway she noticed some deer at the base of the driveway. When we pulled up to the house we let her run from the truck - but instead of running to her usual squirrel hunting spot under the bird feeder, she ran back towards the road and into the woods. Within seconds she was gone. I yelled and screamed and we blew the horn on the truck in case she had gotten lost. I started to cry and had almost given up hope when my dad came out of the woods holding her. I was so mad that I ran to her and would have strangled her but my father said not to. I told her that I hoped she had had a good time because it was the thrill of her life. Now every time we go to Woodstock she runs towards the road where the deer were. Back to the City for Aggie.

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