Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Girl is Mine
From: Wendi Payne

My Jack Russell Story:

My JRT, (a wire-hair named Gus), has always relied upon me for a tremendous amount of attention. He is primarily an inside dog that has been raised in an urban setting. Because of our strong bond, he has always been somewhat jealous of men that I dated. So when my future husband started showing up and hanging out with me, Gus was not at all amused. The two of them did not relate very well to one another, as Gus was accustomed to my undivided attention and very little discipline (just hugs). One evening as I was getting ready to go out with Randy (my future husband), he (Randy) was waiting and standing outside the bathroom door talking to me while I finished primping. Gus was disturbed; he has always had a sense of when people were about to leave, and he knew that he was going to be left at home while this Big Mean Man took "mommy" away. Knowing he had but little time, Gus took aggressive action over the situation. Randy heard what he thought was water running coming from the bedroom. I heard Randy laughing and yelling, "What in the world are you thinking, dog?" I rushed into the bedroom to find my little disgruntled Gussie standing right in the middle of my bed standing completely straight on all fours, looking intently at both of us, while relieving his little bladder right on my new comforter. Keep in mind that this dog was completely house broken and never did his business inside. Fortunately over the next year, the two of them became much closer, and Randy actually taught Gus a few tricks.

We have been a happy family now for almost two years, and Gus has given us great times and good stories.

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