Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Corey Meets the Strange Dog
From: Colleen Donovan

My Jack Russell Story:

One day I let my Jack Russell Corey outside. We have an electric fence, and it is great. We can't put up a real fence, so we got an electric one to give Corey some freedom. To get back to my story, A dog was walking down the street behind us. Corey saw the dog and started to bark. He ran along the fence ( this side had the stone wall). He climbed up on top, heard the beeping, and jumped down. I attempted to dive for him, and got his back legs. He slipped away, and was up and over before I could call his name. Him and the dog took off.

I ran after them calling his name. One could think that I was the invisible person. Never once did he look back at me. I was running through people's yards, but I couldn't catch him.

Then Corey and the dog thought that it would be fun to run in the middle of the street, heading towards the main road in town, rt. 136. By then I was terrified, pictures flashing through my mind of cars hitting my dog. Corey was far up ahead, sniffing a tree near the main road. The other dog was no where to be seen. I picked him up, and walked home.

As of now, we have moved our electric fence over the stone wall, keeping Corey from even jumping up on the stone wall. Tell me what you think of my story!

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