Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Weezy Meets Jerry
From: Marnie Raines

My Jack Russell Story:

Weezy is our 2 year old JRT, rough coat. We got her when she was just 6 weeks old, and she is spoiled rotten. She sleeps in the bed with us and expects table scraps. Weezy is our baby and she knows it. She is, like many jrt's, super intelligent. I frequently work at home, and she will come into the office, sit pertly and talk to me, telling me all her worries. She tries so very hard to tell me what it is she wants ... go outside, have a treat, snuggle on the bed, etc. When she was just over a year we decided she required a bit too much attention and needed a playmate. We had dreamed of an all white smooth coat jrt, name Jerry for our favorite musician, and went to see an all white pup at our favorite breeder. He was hopelessly hyper and I knew Weezy was far too dainty for him. But I looked around and saw a very small little white dog with a few grey spots on his ears. He had the cutest face. The breeder was reluctant to let him go. He was very small and sweet, and he could already fetch a ball. Jerry came home with us that day.

Weezy was very upset from the moment Jerry came home. She didn't really know how to react. She got in the bed and laid there. Every time I came to see her, she looked at me pitifully. She didn't eat or play for days. She just laid in the bed! I felt so bad for her that I cried. She was my baby! Eventually she warmed up to Jerry, who is so very sweet and humble.

Weezy, much like a big sister, took on the task of punishing Jerry when he did something bad. If while we were gone Jerry chewed up a sock, and we yelled at him, Weezy would growl and jump on him as if to scold him like we do. When someone comes to the door and we try to keep the dogs from jumping up on our guests, Weezy will jump on top of Jerry and nip at him, as if to make him do our bidding. There is much more to the relationship between the two, and I may write more soon.

Read "The Secret Life of Dogs" for an interesting insight into just that.

Story Name: Weezy & Jerry Take on the Lion Hunter

From: Marnie Raines

My Jack Russell Story:

Weezy & Jerry are two JRT's who, although fixed, are very sexually active. Our friend's Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sonny, a breed who hunts lions in Africa, came to visit one evening. Weezy and Jerry ran Sonny ragged in the yard, and after many hours of fun Sonny finally collapsed on our living room floor. Weezy and Jerry saw an opportunity, and Jerry took the rear and Weezy the head, humping the heck out of poor clueless Sonny who was too tired to care.

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