JRTCA 2018 Fun Days Trial Schedule

Trials provide an opportunity for Jack Russell Terrier owners to get to know each other, get together with terrier friends and in general have a good time with their terriers.

JRTCA 2018 Sanctioned Trial Schedule

The purpose of a JRTCA affiliate club is to provide activities for, and communication between Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts within a local geographic area. The affiliate clubs share the JRTCA's goals and objectives for the Jack Russell (List of Affiliate Clubs).

What is a Fun Day?

It is a day that may include racing, go-to-ground, lure coursing, boss toss, barn hunt, puissance and interaction with other Jack Russell Terrier owners. It is a fun and relaxed way to learn about the events held at a JRTCA Sanctioned Trial. Please note that not all fun days will include every one of these fun and exciting events. Please check the trial schedule and affiliate club's web sites for more details.

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Refer to the Affiliate Club section of this web site and to the respective clubs' web sites for information on Fun Days and other local activities.

Terriers do not have to be registered prior to attending sanctioned trials, with the exception of the National Trial. Exhibitors MUST be JRTCA members, but their terriers do not have to be registered.

If you have any questions, concerns, updates or suggestions regarding JRTCA sanctioned trials, please contact the Club Office.