Q: What are the advantages of spay/neutering my Jack Russell and are there any risks?

A: The basic disposition and temperament of your Jack Russell Terrier will not be changed by removing his or her reproductive capability. Neutering a male can make him more tolerant of other males, but neither neutering nor spaying will by itself turn your dog into an obese, lazy animal...that is the result of excess food and insufficient exercise.

Advantages of Spaying Female Jack Russell

We recommend that your girl get spayed before her first heat which normally occurs in this size bitch around 6 months of age. Spaying before the first heat will dramatically decrease her chances of mammary cancers and all sorts of female disorders.

Advantages of Neutering Male Jack Russell It is strongly recommended that you spay/neuter your JRT unless you are planning to start a breeding program.

Please talk to your vet about spaying/neutering your terrier.

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