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Aggressive 3 year old male with!

Posted by:  Loring Mortensen
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  February 07, 2001 at 16:15:08


We have a JRT that will be 3 in May. We originally got him not expecting to have children. Well, our situation has changed. We now have a 3 week old daughter and our Jack is not acting as we had hoped. We tried the suggested preparation but to no avail. He has always had aggression problems and we have had him trained by a State Trooper Trainer here in NC. We have been told by a good breeder locally that he may be the result of poor breeding and possibly the result of two aggressive dogs being bred. At any rate, we have trained him, exercised him, he has a large 6ft fenced in yard, plenty of attention (as I work out of my home), and still has a few serious problems. He gets possessive of taboo items (socks, underwear, shoes, etc...) to the point of serious biting and injury. He also falls asleep on our laps and when barely startled will bite whoever is closest. We have tip-toed around these aggressive problems for the past 2 years, but with our new baby, he seems to be exhibiting hunting behavior whenever our baby coos or cries. We, or course, do not leave them alone at all, and even have to physically pull him away when we are sitting with them. He has bared his teeth all the way back a number of times. Because of his disposition, we usually get bit or nipped at when we try to remove him from the situation. This whole thing has us to the point where we feel that we need to consider your rescue program. His behavior is not acceptable...and does not seem to be controllable. Would you consider these signs to be that of a dog that is beyond our scope of correction? 98% of the time he is the best dog in the world. We love him very much, but when it comes to deciding on what to do...we think that we will have to go the rescue route. This option is almost unthinkable to me...but, with his recent behavior, I may have to consider it. Please let me know if we are thinking correctly. Our child is 10 times more important. But, we still love our dog. He may have left us no choice. We appreciate your imput. Thank You........Loring