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Re: barking/bonding/doesn't like crate

Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  February 10, 2001 at 22:34:09

In Reply to: Re: barking/bonding/doesn't like crate
Posted by:  Heather Reid
Posted on:  February 10, 2001 at 22:30:58


: : I just picked up our new addition Seamus 3 days ago at 9 weeks of age.He seems to bark almost incessantly when he can't be right under our feet! Also, he doesn't like his crate very much at all--i am a little stumped on exactly how to crate train though.One last thing--i have several small pets (which i can keep him away from) but,Seamus also has 2 older intact brothers(6 year old Sampson--min. poodle and 4 year old Gizmo a chihuahua0 he doesn't seem to be bonding to. I want them to bond now so Seamus' inborn traits aren't such a problem later. He doesn't seem to be a very aggresive male JRT. Please help--I want us all to be one big happy family!!!

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: Hi Erin,
: Sit back. Let's take a deep breath. Repeat after me, "He's just a baby. He's only been here 3 days. He doesn't understand where his mom and littermates are. He needs more time to acclimate to our household."
: Repeat this every time you worry he isn't bonding or cries. He hasn't had time to bond yet. He's just trying to figure out which end is up.
: In any aspect of training, but certainly housebreaking, our patience and consistency is absolutely paramount. Crate training is really just two simple concepts: giving the dog his own den, and creating an invaluable housebreaking tool. There are many training articles and previous posts on housebreaking and crate training. There are also several books available on crate training, which you may want to pick up.
: Good luck!
: Heather

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Just one more note... please neuter Seamus early. If he's left intact, you would be greatly increasing your already-not-great odds of male aggressiveness happening in your household.