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Re: What happen?

Posted by:  Linda
Posted on:  February 28, 2001 at 07:48:23

In Reply to: What happen?
Posted by:  Bryan chiong
Posted on:  February 28, 2001 at 07:38:06


: Hi,
: i have a problem again to consult i think i am really a failure in keeping dog.I don't what happen recently that my dog like to hide under my bed.And if i get near him he will growl at me, and nearer he will bite me. Even he is out with us he don't like to be touch, he will react quickly with a bite.He seems to fear us and don;t like us. I really don't know why it happen. I bought him about three months ago but nothing happen until recently he become like that. I punish him when he is wrong by a slap on his back and close his muzzle with my hand until he yelp.Do u think he is pressured by that and he barks non stop at night and i been getting complains. I am really sorry and grateful to this website because i have already posted third time for questions and i really appreciate for the helpings. Thanks alot!!

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Hi Brian, We a dog react like your dog is then, it is because of something that you have done. Remember that aggression begets aggression and by punishing him in the manner you are, is what he is reacting too. I NEVER hit a dog, and I would suggest that you find a trainer/behaviorist before it is too late and correct these problems ASAP. You will need to find someone to help you undo what you have done to this dog and do it now before it gets worse.

The Barking may be due to the lack of exercise and remember that well exercised and tired dogs don't bark.
Please ask your Vet for help in finding some one to help you with your aggression problems. This needs to be address now or go to the link below for help.


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