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Skiddish puppy

Posted by:  Keith Holland
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  March 29, 2001 at 13:45:54


We have a 9 week old JRT that we got from a family that could not deal with him, their 7 year old daughter and their 3 cats. He is a really good puppy and we love him very much. We also have cats that he is not at all afraid of. He will take them both on at the same time. My concern is that he will not go outside (fenced back yard) unless someone goes with him. Even with one of us near by the least little sound like cars or dogs barking in the distance makes him run to us and sit at our feet. Is this normal for a puppy this age? We plan to take him to obedience school, to get used to other people and dogs, as soon as he is old enough.