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Re: false pregency

Posted by:  Claudia A. Costa
Posted on:  June 26, 2001 at 13:17:32

In Reply to: false pregency
Posted by:  Jennifer
Posted on:  June 25, 2001 at 12:49:53


: I have a 2yr female. her first heat she expirced a false pregency. her second heat she had a litter. and again on her 3rd heat she would hide her squeaky toys. my sister in law said if she continues to have false pregancy that she could get some type of cancer is that true. because I still want to have one more litter and it will be next year before she's breed that 2 more heats.

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If you do not know that she is exhibiting signs of false pregnancies and have not yet contacted a vet about it, you should not be breeding that dog.

Please read the Breeder's Code of Ethics on this web page as to what is expected of breeders.

Also get to a vet and ask them about what is going on with the dog's heat cycle.

You failed to mention why you want to have another litter. Please read the link below; and my prior answers yesterday to "Stud fees" and "heat cycle". Please make sure that you have had all the tests described therein taken and the other issues resolved.

I also invite you to assist in Russell Rescue with the many dogs we have that need a foster home and/or to be saved from death row. It is a problem we face on a daily basis from overbreeding adn improper placement of jacks in homes which are not prepared for them and breeders who do not commit to them for their lifetime.

Thank you,

Claudia A. Costa