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Male JRT aggression in bed

Posted by:  Rob McCorkle
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  November 26, 2001 at 14:53:56


Our almost 3-year-old male JRT has begun getting cranky in bed. It happens after my wife has gone to bed, and I take the dog in to place him while I brush my teeth and get ready to join them. If the dog has gone under the cover, as he usually does, and I reach under to pet him, he growls. So, the last couple of nights, I've scolded him, gotten ahold of his collar and he's growled and snapped as he used to as a puppy. Our trainer taught us how to hold him in your hand, on his back, and tell him loudly, "no" to correct such behavior. It has worked and we've had very few aggression problems from him until recently with his latest "Cujo" behavior. We have put him in his crate to sleep the past two nights. Any idea what's going on here? We're aware of the "bad bed dog" syndrome with JRTs so we make sure one of us is already in the bed before placing the dog there. Thanks for your help.