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Re: Curb aggression

Posted by:  Brenda McGowan
Posted on:  December 04, 2001 at 11:31:42

In Reply to: Curb aggression
Posted by:  Chris
Posted on:  December 03, 2001 at 09:39:23


: Ruskie is going on 9mth . In abt. less than 10 days, he'll be neutered. I'm quite reluctant to do this as i don't know if he has the potential to be a show/competition dog. But unfortunately, he's so unruly at times that i have no choice.

: 1) He has moments where he is absolutely misbehaving (peeing everywhere previously, now he's in midst of crate-training and doing ok, jumping up and snatching things from kitchen cabinet, jumping on my mom and strongly nip her on her back) and i must admit to hitting his hind legs with a rolled up newspaper (which some dog owners have told me to he's bullying me despite my strong 'No's and 'Bad Boy's) in my effort to get him to stop and behave. Now, because he's being crate-trained - he's not given a free rein of kitchen anymore, so i can't tell if he's still committing above . Except he still jumps up at cabinets whenever he's got the chance.

: 2) He's so crazy abt water. He guzzes up water until he's fully bloated whenever i bathe him. So i tried to stop this by putting a muzzle on him during the bath and only remove it when i'm washing his face. He hates it. Bites me and struggles violently.

: 3) I'm currently trying to get him used to a gentle leader collar. He's equally unwilling to put this on. I can only put this on him when he's well-cornered (eg. in his crate.) Struggles. i try to tempt him with a well-positioned treat and collar, but he knows what i'm doing!!! more struggles with quick snapping of treat.

: 4) When i carry him in my arms, he turns aggressive as well. i think it's becos he doesn't want to be restricted or for the walk to end.

: 5) When he doesn't stop chewing on his collar and leash, i give him smacks on his muzzle with a loud 'No'!.

: In the above situations, he's so hard to control. He thrashes and bites me( my hand, my face). Even if i am consciously trying to calm him down and reach to pet him. I must also admit i'm very short on patience at times and resort back to smacks on muzzle to discipline him. I know that's not recommended and i don't do that unless it's serious. But i noticed he's getting more and more aggressive, teeth flashing and all, especially since i've curbed my newspaper discipline. And it's getting more frequent when it's not spark off with me being rough with him. Eg. simply bending down to adjusting his leash so it don't choke or entangle him.

: Other than all these, he has his many moments of being a sweet boy - who's crate-trained, house-trained
: (getting lots better on this), heeling (65% of time).

: I really need advice how to get him to stop being aggressive and how to discipline him when 'No's and 'Bad Boy's just don't stop him. If i stop my method of displicine, will he think i'm getting soft and he can bully me all the time? Another info is although he's rough with strangers(no biting), but i know he's just being friendly. He tried to mount children though. So i guess it's his response towards me.

: Sorry for such a long msg.
: Thanks!

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Yu have alot going on here, but what it all boils down to is he's a brat. Your methods of training are outdated and don't work. You don't want to intimidate or beat your terrier. The solution is actually in a book. " Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right; How to train any dog in five minutes a day" By Krista Cantrall. Please get your hands on a copy of this book. Read it ! Any questions after that, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes,