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Going backwords

Posted by:  Paula Elya
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  February 20, 2002 at 17:39:48


Buddy is six months old smart as a wip. I had him neutered a couple weeks ago after I knew he was for sure a keeper. It has been along time since I had a pupper so Iwasn't sure. Well the problem is he is going potty in the house again. Also he has gotten worse with chewing. In the past couple weeks he has gone through three pillows in his crate and two blankets. The pillows it looks like he goes through the digging process until he actually gets a hole. So he now has no pillow or blanket. I would say the potty thing is bothering me more. He has always been one that has been hard to read when he has to go out. I basically have to watch and catch him first. Now and then he will set a stare at me and I will say outside and he gets excited. But if you are busy doing anything else for get it you going to find a mess. Waht can I do? I would love it if he would bark when he wants out