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Running around like a robot

Posted by:  Tracy
Category:   Barking
Posted on:  February 21, 2002 at 16:06:49


We have a mouse problem. Our JRT hasn't caught any yet. But she does run around like a complete nut case for hours on end, sniffing loudly and barking. I have tried calming her by picking her up, yelling, chasing her, giving her a treat when she stops etc. Nothing works. She will hear something and whoosh, she's gone again running around looking for the invisible mouse. It isn't even a normal run, its up on her toes, hair standing on end, and soooo fast.
We have sticky traps down for the mice, but have only caught a couple. I am guessing they are in the walls because I cannot hear them and the dog can.
Any ideas on what to do to calm her down?