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My JRT is chewing me out of a home! Help!!

Posted by:  Lisa
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  April 04, 2002 at 13:13:39



I wrote to you a few weeks ago about moving with my Jack from a house with a backyard, to an apartment with no backyard, and my concerns for keeping my little guy well exercised. Well, we haven't even been in the new place a week, and he's become very destructive. First of all, he HATES when I leave. He puts on quite a performance, with the scratching at the door, and the whining. It doesn't last long(I've waited outside the door to see how long he cries)but I think he's going for an Academy Award regardless. I hate leaving him, because he gets so upset. I can't even go down the hall to do laundry, or throw the garbage without a tantrum. I give him stuffed Kongs, treats, new toys all the time, and he has plenty of good bones and chew sticks, yet he'll leave his Peanut Butter stuffed Kong in the middle of the floor(his favorite!), and run to me when I try to leave. What am I doing wrong? Like I said, the crying stops pretty quick, because he's way too smart, and knows it's not going to get him anywhere(he tries anyway). So then he turns his attention to chewing, but not his things, mine. Like my boxes(we just moved in), and I'm afraid the carpet and furniture will be next. He's only 7 mos. old and has the whole living room(it has a nice window facing the street, and he loves to look out), the dining room, and the kitchen. The other rooms are closed off. He's never been crate trained. I know, I know, big mistake. But he's been so good up to now. I do work all day, but I make every effort to get him enough exercise. First thing in the morning, we go for a 30-40 minute walk, then he eats(sometimes, when he feels like it; I take up his food before I go). Then one last 10-15 minute walk before I leave for work, and he's not even alone more than 3 1/2 hours or so before my mom arrives. She walks him again, plays with him, and keeps him company for 2-3 hours, then leaves. I am then home about 3 hours later, and then another long walk, dinner time(he usually eats this time), another walk, playtime in the house, then one more walk before bedtime. We're new to the area, so the weekends will be focused more outdoors, in the dog park and such.

Okay, is this problem related to anxiety from being in a new and strange place, separation anxiety, not enough exercise, not having eaten in the morning(he can be a fussy eater)or what??? I will do anything to fix the problem, but I don't know what to do!! Please help us!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!