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Crate Training

Posted by:  Wendy
Category:   House Breaking
Posted on:  April 11, 2002 at 11:35:16


Peanut is my 4 month old Jack Russell. While I am at work, he spends his time blocked off in the kitchen with pads and his crate. He does well using the pads and normally potties outside when we are home. I feel that it is necessary however, to break him from the pads and go outside only. The longest that he is alone is for 3-4 hours, and he gets plenty of exercise in the evenings. I would like to crate him during the day, but am concerned that he will reject the idea after becoming used to the kitchen as his playground. Because Jack Russells have so much energy, will crating him create a problem? He is so well-behaved and I feel part of that is due to his freedom to run and play in the kitchen when I am away. What are your thoughts/suggestions? I really want to do what's best for my Peanut. Thank you,