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Re: Adapting to Changes

Posted by:  Rick Hemsing
Posted on:  April 30, 2002 at 17:33:27

In Reply to: Adapting to Changes
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Teresa
Posted on:  April 30, 2002 at 13:23:17


: Recently I have had to make some changes in living arrangments waiting on my house to be available. In the interim our 4 month old Roscoe has been at my sister-in-laws in her back yard with her dog. He adores Belle and has adapted quite well to the situation. I am even told Belle has adapted along with being protective of him. My concern is bringing him to the new house, which does have a huge back yard, all by himself. He now has the company of another during the day and I don't want to confuse him anymore than he probably is due the the recent circumstances....any advise. Thanks for this forum...it is a great place to find answers without evening asking!!

: Teresa


Teresa -

I think he will be fine in his new environment. Jack Russell's are very intelligent and adaptable creatures. He'll get the know his new place in no time. Once he is settled in, you can have Belle over for a visit (supervise the visits). You may be thinking that he'll be lonely and that you need to get him a companion. This is a normal thought/reaction but you should avoid getting a companion for him (at least until he is older). Many owners will get a companion animal to keep their first dog company ... this normally leads to other problems (training, housebreaking, etc) and can make your life difficult to say the least. Take it slowly and I think you will both be fine.

Good luck!