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Re: Hyperactivity

Posted by:  Linda Cranford
Posted on:  May 10, 2002 at 20:22:24

In Reply to: Hyperactivity
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted by:  Georgette
Posted on:  May 10, 2002 at 19:48:54


: Hi, sorry to bother you again. When I wrote last, you suggested I take my dog to obedience classes. Well unfortunately there are no classes near me, plus I don't think it would help.
: The reason? My dog is very, very, very hyper!!!!!He'd see the other dogs and go crazy, wanting to play and run laps all over the place! He's a good dog. Loves people and other dogs. But he can't sit still for more than 2 seconds at a time, and gets distracted.He yaps at everything. He gets lots of exercise. " Grandma" babysits during the day, and Wishbone will play hard almost ALL DAY, then have plenty of energy when he gets home.
: He licks me and people who don't want to be slobbered on. If I or ANYONE ever ignores him when he wants to play ( Which is all the time, it seems), he will bark and not shut up!
: He's a holy terrier. Soon I will be putting his picture on this website. He's the little devil with the blue parka and most impish expression on his little terrier face. He looks a lot like the tv Wishbone but they're nothing alike. HELP ME!Does my dog sound hyperactive ( EVEN for a Jack Russell Terror) or not?


Hi Georgette,

Every reason you have listed above is a reason to go to classes so that you will learn and your dog will learn. Not everyone has obedience classes right close to them but I am willing to bet that you Vet may know of some and even most Pet Smarts even offer classes.

The reason he isn't like Wishbone, is because Wishbone is highly trained and he started in obedience classes. These classes are the basis for everything.

All I can suggest to you is find a class, I have to travel 30 miles to get to an Obedience class, and my dogs don't act like what you are discribing, and that is because I learn though obedience classes also.

Sorry I wish I could be of more help but if you can find a class, you will see great changes in your dog.