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Re: Harnesses

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  June 29, 2002 at 23:38:10

In Reply to: Re: Harnesses
Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  June 29, 2002 at 22:54:20


: : First of all, thank you for the responses to my questions. It is mucb appreciated =0) My question is about buying my pup a harness. I do know that most of you do not approve of them, but considering my pup has been scratching his away (it is a nylon and he has only had it for a little bit over a week), I would like to get him a harness. I'm thinking that since it isn't around his neck, then he won't have a problem with a harness. He is also a pup that wanders a lot while walking him. Though of course we are taking him to kindergarden class for this act as well. What are your suggestions? Thanks a bunch!
: :


: Hi Kristel,

: As one of the volunteers who does use a harness (!), our terriers were over a year old before we used them. Which means, they were trained to obey commands BEFORE they ever wore their harnesses. It would be a mistake to walk Vexx on a harness before he (and you!) get any training.

: Please check the fit of the collar -- you should be able to slip your finger between his neck and the collar. I would also feel around the inside of the collar to make sure there are no irritating threads, etc. Finally, a 5/8" width is usually a suitable size for a pup but Vexx may need the smaller 3/8" width.

: Please be patient with Vexx and his collar issue; he's only been wearing it for a week. Again, it's okay to give him a break from wearing it (see previous post.) And it's more then okay to distract him from the collar with toys, games, walks...understand? :-)

: Hang in there, Kristel...

: Leslie


Me again!

Regarding your post titled "Inside the Crate" -- I've seen several different brands of wire crates and all of them have a pan inside, not outside, the wire bottom. The brand of crate we have pops open in the front (under the door) which allows us to slide the pan inside. I don't know how the other brands work but there should be someway to get the pan inside the crate. You may have to disassemble the crate to do it but I imagine Vexx would be more comfortable laying on the pan, not the wire...especially while snuggling into a towel, sheet or blanket as Linda suggested.