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Re: JRT or Squirrel?????

Posted by:  Linda Cranford
Posted on:  August 03, 2002 at 16:13:48

In Reply to: JRT or Squirrel?????
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Lisa
Posted on:  August 03, 2002 at 14:36:09


: Hi,

: We live on a large piece of property and have a large number of oak trees, that have begun to produce acorns...they are everywhere! My 7 month old JRT, Katie has decided that the acorns taste good or they are just fun to eat.

: I am constantly pick them out of her mouth. I have never seen a dog eat acorns, but then she does alot of things I have never seen a dog do before...lol

: I am afraid they will make her sick or cause an obstruction. I am at a loss as what to do to get her to stop this acorn eating. My hubby says they must be like peanuts to her, and she must think she is a squirrel, which he finds funny. : His humor doesn't help me with this problem. If you can give me any ideas on how to stop this, I will greatly appreciate it. I have begun to leash her while she is outside, so I can reach her quicker, but she still seems to eat atleast 2 or 3 everytime we go out. HELP...I am worried about my baby's health and well being!!!!!

: Lisa


Hi Lisa,
About the only thing you can do is rake up the Acorns and yes they will make her sick and yes they can be toxic to a dog if she eats to many so you can tell your husband that this is no laughing matter. Years ago I actually lost a super nice bitch to acorn toxicity, so to me this is not laughable.

Other than keeping the majority of them raked up, I don't know what to tell you to do, and BTW I would have your hubby help you keep the yard clean. Iknow it isn't an easy job to do but is is one that has to be done to keep your Jack Russell safe.