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Constant Whining/Dependancy Worries

Posted by:  Russell
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  September 03, 2002 at 09:44:10


My JR is 9 weeks old, and had him for two weeks. I know that puppies can whine a bit when after they've left their litter, but hes still whining when we leave him alone (in his bed for the night, or even in the same room) I tried putting him to sleep in my room, but he then insisted on getting onto the bed.

At the moment, hes got my brother's fox terrierXminiture pinscher pup to play with when I can't entertain him. But as soon as his vaccinations are done, Im going to be moving house (without the other dog) and I'm worried that this behaviour might become annoying, and since I work at home, that it may develop into separation anxiety later on.

Does anyone have any advice on 'tough love'? I've been told this is the best way, but I dont want it to result in him chewing things he shouldnt (furniture, electric cords, plants etc) or other problems.