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Re: Ear Infection

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  October 24, 2002 at 18:24:28

In Reply to: Ear Infection
Category:   Medical
Posted by:  Sigrid Leonard
Posted on:  October 24, 2002 at 16:41:49


: We have a lovely 8 month old JRT female that had an ear infection at about 3 months, Vet took sample said baterial infection, prescribed medicine, seemed to clear up. Then two weeks ago took dog in as she was starting to itch ears, not much but I knew something was wrong. They took test said yeast infection, prescribed medication, took dog back for check up and vet says her ear drums are ruptured beause infection is so bad, we are to stop ear drops (said if drops got into inner could be toxic!)and start on anitbiotics and fungal medication. Vet said not sure what is causing, maybe diet. We buy high quality dog food for dog that is corn free (as breeder suggested). Any one experiencing this? I looked in previous forums and did not see this particular problem.


Dear Sigrid,

One of my terriers used to have ear infections (yeast) every few months though we were very diligent in treating them. Working with our vet, we determined that these infections were a symptom of inhalant allergies. Once we took care of the underlying problem, she stopped getting ear infections.

I recommend that you continue to work with your vet to determine if there might be an underlying reason for your terrier's ear problems. Consider having a full blood profile done or ask for a referall to an allergist. Or you can take her to another vet for a second opinion.

Hope your little one is feeling better soon.