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Posted by:  kelly
Category:   Aggression
Posted on:  October 31, 2002 at 18:27:00


I have posted before and find your forum very helpful and informative.Thanks to your previous advice Simon is doing great.He still needs a potty buddy but now only in the early morning the rest of the time he's content to go outside alone and hasn't had an accident in the house for over a month.I now have another concern.Simon has always been a little pirate we affectionatly call him Simon five fingers as he steals anything not nailed down.Our family is now trained not to leave anything within 5 feet of the ground that we want to keep intact:)however there is the occasional time he is able to get a hold of something and he runs right under our bed where it is impossible to get at him.When we reach under to remove him he becomes very aggressive he growls and has bit our son recently.This is the only time he is ever like this but I think he realizes we can't get to him .we normally wait until he gets bored and then take away the object.My question is -do you have any suggestions how to teach him to give up the stolen goods short of bribing him with a better treat?I am completley guilty of giving him a bribe so he doesnt choke on sock bits.I know this is doing nothing but re-enforcing this behaviour.Second question how do we discipline him for nipping in this instance when we can't get a hold of him right away?Is it to late when he finally gives up and it usually takes at least 20 min before he'll show on his own.
Sorry for the long post.I hope you can give me some clue on how to deal with this.
thanks bunches