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Re: male or female?

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 02, 2002 at 00:04:59

In Reply to: male or female?
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Anonymous
Posted on:  November 01, 2002 at 22:05:43


: we have a 3 month old terrier mix who's papers claim that she is a female. now, after having her for about 3 weeks, we have a strange suspicion that she is actually a he. there are no testicles on the puppy, however, there is what would look like to be a penis. this may sound really stupid, but would a female have what may look like penis? how can we tell what sex it is?



Seeing that none of us can look at your pup, your best bet would be to take it to your vet. Actually for anyone who gets a puppy and once they pick it up, their first visit should be to the vet to have the puppy checked out to make sure it's healthy.

Your pup should have be having its second set of shots now so make an appointment to have that done and have the sex checked then too.