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Re: dislocated knee in jack russel terrior

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  November 03, 2002 at 00:37:39

In Reply to: dislocated knee in jack russel terrior
Category:   Medical
Posted by:  Hannah Walton
Posted on:  November 02, 2002 at 10:16:53


: I have a jack russel puppy 11 months old and my vet has told me that she suffers from a tendancy to dislocate the femur joint in one of her back legs. He also said that it was not a particularly bad case. And his advice was to leave it unless it began to cause her pain. I am aware that this condition can lead to arthritus, and my questions are: a) is there a optimum time to have the operation in terms of age and degree of disability so as to prevent arthritus. b) are there any alternative treatments such as diet, or manipulation and should she avoid any kind of strenous exercise.


Dear Hannah,

I highly recommend that you ask your vet for a referral to an orthopedic specialist. Vets who specialize in a particular body system have the latest diagnostic tools and treatment options so they can better answer your questions.

Good luck,