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" JRT's in Boarding Kennels

Posted by:  Karen
Category:   Other
Posted on:  November 03, 2002 at 04:55:39


Hi there

Thank you all for this great site and for all your replies to my previous posts.

My 7 1/2 month old rescue dog Teddy has now settled in totally with us and it really one of the family and totally adored by us all. The slight problem we had with him nipping my children has been completely cured now that he has grown to trust and love us and he is getting on well with his big sister 'Daisy'. (16 month old spayed female - also totally adored!).

Looking ahead, we will have to put them both into boarding kennels for a few days fairly early next year (exact date not yet certain) as we will be going away and I will soon have to book the kennels in order to get places in the kennel that I have used for Daisy before and which I trust as a good establishment. My question is, should I have them housed in the same pen or separate pens?

Teddy has now been with us for nearly 2 months and Daisy is still dominant over him and will certainly put him in his place if necessary! Usually they only play fight and when they play ball and he gets it first she will try to get is off him (if she persues it he will give in) but a couple of times she has snapped at him when he has got out of hand or when she feels that her favourite chew/toy is on his agenda! We have usually yelled, he has backed off and peace is resumed but I do worry a little about what could happen if we were not there. On the other hand would they be lonely on there own when they are used to being together all the time (other than at night or when we are out when they are crated separatley).

He has not yet been neutered (the vet here will not do it until he is 9 months old) but he will have been by the time we go away.

There is little difference in price of doing it either way so please do not think that is why I would consider putting them together - I just want what is best for them both.

I would really value your opinion - thank you.