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Another one?

Posted by:  Steve Woodard
Category:   Russell Rescue
Posted on:  November 05, 2002 at 09:24:40


We have a fabulous Female JRT "Quincie" that rules the roost...a very warm and affectionate dog..but shes pretty dominant. She plays well with other dogs (lots of socialization) when they are here at the house..but dominates them, takes away toys, etc..she even marked in the living room. Strange for us as shes been housebroken for 3 years..but we figured that it was due to another dog in the house?

We are supporters of the local Buddy Dog/Humane Society, and visited the other day and met Amos..a 2 year old neutered male JRT that looks exactly like ours! We are seriously considering adopting him and trying to meld him into the home..but I dont want to "ruin" my current pup, as Im concerned that another dog may be too much and change her personality.

thoughts? We crate train, obedience train, have a fenced in yard - very active, lots of exercise - so another JRT would fit into our lives..but Im concerned for Quincie..

Any comments would be appreciated. We are taking her to meet him this afternoon to see how they do together.

Thanks - and sorry for the rambling message!

Steve Woodard