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crying JR

Posted by:  vicki farmer
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  November 05, 2002 at 09:30:15


Hi, I wrote to you last March re my female JR losing her pal (border collie). I felt my JR was lonely and went to the rescue league and adopted a male 4 1/2 year old JR named Bauer. Well of course we have had the issue of these 2 not getting along to well (better now that they know with their fighting, comes a squirt with the water bottle which works very well). Well the point to my question is that this male we adopted is very well behaved I have fallen in love with him totally but do treat them equal, but Bauer will actually sit there and cry whenever he wants something and won't stop until he gets what he wants. Never have had a dog thats cries like this. Mainly when he wants to walk or go in the car. He seems to be the happiest when he is in the car, I can take him out there and leave him sit and not go anywhere and he is in heaven just being in the car, very strange. There were no instructions that came with him (lol) so its hard to know what kind of enviroment he came from it has been hit and miss trying to figure him out. I need to know how to deal with his crying without him thinking I'm ignoring his needs. Has any one else mentioned a crying JR? He will also start whinning when I'm sitting at the table in the kitchen trying to have a conversation with anyone in the household. He will keep crying and start a low moan and other noises all the time I'm trying to talk, it subsides if I pick him up and let him sit on my lap. Just have never had a dog act this way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you