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Re: Another one?

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 05, 2002 at 15:44:06

In Reply to: Another one?
Category:   Russell Rescue
Posted by:  Steve Woodard
Posted on:  November 05, 2002 at 09:24:40


: We have a fabulous Female JRT "Quincie" that rules the roost...a very warm and affectionate dog..but shes pretty dominant. She plays well with other dogs (lots of socialization) when they are here at the house..but dominates them, takes away toys, etc..she even marked in the living room. Strange for us as shes been housebroken for 3 years..but we figured that it was due to another dog in the house?

: We are supporters of the local Buddy Dog/Humane Society, and visited the other day and met Amos..a 2 year old neutered male JRT that looks exactly like ours! We are seriously considering adopting him and trying to meld him into the home..but I dont want to "ruin" my current pup, as Im concerned that another dog may be too much and change her personality.

: thoughts? We crate train, obedience train, have a fenced in yard - very active, lots of exercise - so another JRT would fit into our lives..but Im concerned for Quincie..

: Any comments would be appreciated. We are taking her to meet him this afternoon to see how they do together.

: Thanks - and sorry for the rambling message!

: Steve Woodard


Hi Steve,

Happy to hear you are thinking about adopting a terrier in need, these guys can use all the help and kindness they can get.

We always recommend that if planning on a second dog to do it because YOU want one and not approach it as a playmate for the first dog. People can get pretty disappointed when their expectations fall short and Scruffy could care less about the newest family member :)

If you approach this because you personally want to add another dog then you're whole outlook will be different.

I can tell you this, it's the rare dog that cheerfully accepts a new dog into their household lol! You can expect a LOT of headaches probably for about a month or two. If things are going to work out, by that time the first dog realizes the "interloper" is not leaving and usually gives up.

Seeing that Quincie has a dominant personality, make sure the new dog doesn't have the same type of personality. Quincie is going to want to be queen of the castle (and what girl doesn't) so in order to keep the peace the second dog is going to have to accept that. Most problems arise when you have 2 dogs with the same dominant personalities.

You are on the right track to introduce them on neutral ground and make sure to spend a fair amount of time letting them get to know each other. A ten minute meeting is not going to be enough.

Make sure Quincie gets the queen treatment by paying attention to her first, feeding her first, she just comes first, period. This will take some of the heat off the new dog. As tempting as it is to spend a bit more time with the new dog, you will do it a disservice by doing so at this point in time.

Make sure Quincie has some quality alone time with you during this transition period.

Once they settle in, dominance issues will be settled by them. Always respect the pecking order they establish, if you do that you will dramatically lessen any dominance related aggression.

When you get a second dog because YOU want a second dog and not as a playmate for the first dog, you will maintain a clearer head and picture about what is going on and what needs to be done to keep and maintain the peace. Many people, in the hopes of making Scruffy happy with a new playmate, get deeply disappointed when all hell breaks loose.

Let's face it, Quincie has got it made. She gets all the love, attention, treats and toys she could ever imagine so she is probably a pretty happy terrier, even if she's an only dog. Now she will have to "share" lots of stuff, well you can see what might happen now.

I have two terriers, and taking off the rose colored glasses for a moment, I can tell you that my first terrier would not pine away for my second terrier if anything should happen to him.

As a matter of fact, my 2nd recently had surgery and was in the hospital for 4 days. Do you think the other one went looking for him? Not in your life hahaha! ;)

Good Luck and hope it works out,

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