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Re: Our First Jack

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 07, 2002 at 15:16:31

In Reply to: Our First Jack
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Samara Doucet
Posted on:  November 06, 2002 at 15:51:00


: We have our first JRT "Jersey", I did a lot of reseach before I I got her, and even took another JRT breeder with me to make sure I was getting what I wanted for our family. (she's 14 weeks now) She sits at the door if she needs to go, she has done that from the day she came home, and I haven't messed with a good thing. Not to say the few accidents she has had have been our own fault. But the create, I have done everything that is recommended, I'm home almost everyday, but I do have to leave for short periods of time once week (max 3hr) and I've been told she cries for the full 2 hours and soils in it. My husband and I put her in her create at dinner and all she does is cry and howl and soils in it. Been to the vet no med problem.
: I have also tried putting her in a safe room (large bathroom, striped of everything she can get into or that will harm her, while I'm out. I leave with music on to keep her company food, water, lots of toys, and her create with an open door, I found she's a little calmer still cries but it's not constent, lol when I return there is dog food spread from one end to the other, and 2 out of 8 she has had an acciedent.
: Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong why does she soil in her create and howl for so long?
: What is recommended? I'm running out of options!


Hi Samara,

Sounds like you are on the right direction for housebreaking but I wouldn't be leaving food down for Jersey. Free feeding really messes up a housebreaking program. Make up a feeding/watering schedule for her and take her daily amount and divide it into 3 portions make sure her last meal is no later than 5-6:00pm and her last water is around 8:30 or so (of course if she has played hard and really exerted herself then she will need more water).

As far as the whining and howling, as irritating as it is, remember that each time you go to her, even if to scold her, it is teaching her that if she howls or whines she is going to get attention. Pups don't care if it's good attention or bad.

So let her whine and howl. Eventually she will quiet down and then (and only then) you can go in and praise her for being a good quiet girl.

Take some steps backwards and move forward slowly by conditioning her to being alone. Crate her and leave the room for a few minutes. Put something in her crate that will really interest her. And remember, let her howl and don't go to check on her. If she sees you, you will just perpetuate the problem.

Before crating her for any situation make sure to take her out so it will be harder for her to soil her crate. As she gets used to being crated and alone you can start to increase the time. You are going to be reconditioning her to the crate. Don't expect changes in her attitude overnight.

As I always advise everyone, invest in some earplugs if you have to and don't cave and as always...be consistent! :)