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Re: Is is ok to crate 2 JRT's together or not??????

Posted by:  Shannon Osby
Posted on:  November 08, 2002 at 07:15:45

In Reply to: Is is ok to crate 2 JRT's together or not??????
Posted by:  Tina
Posted on:  November 07, 2002 at 21:55:13


: Hello:) We have 2 JRT's they are sisters from the same litter and they are about 6 months old and still are not potty trained. We tried crating them together and they still will go to the bathroom in the house, in the warm months we kept them mainly outside, but it's starting to get cold and I need to try the crate again and succeed...Should we use seperate crates or is it ok to crate them together? Any help would be greatly appreciated:) Tina


Yes they should be crated separately. First thing is never leave two terriers of the same sex together without supervision. Read some of the FQ's and they should help you get on the right track to crate training these girls.
Housebreaking FAQ
, Getting a 2nd Dog FAQ, Recommended Books FAQ

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