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Re: Two year old labrador and getting a Jack Russell

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 08, 2002 at 08:57:14

In Reply to: Two year old labrador and getting a Jack Russell
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Liliana
Posted on:  November 07, 2002 at 06:45:55


: I now have a 2 year old male Labrador Retriever. Since I am home all day my lab gets lots and lots of attention. I will be getting a Jack Russell (female) in a few weeks.

: How should I introduce this new puppy into the house, without upsetting the lab. My lab is well socialized as he has gone to the dog park since he was a pup and I've noticed he is quite gentle with small dogs.

: Also I have a large fenced in yard with a 6 foot chain link fence. How should I further secure the yard, as never having a Jack Russell I don't know how far they will go to escape.


Hi Liliana,

The best thing to do is introduce the two on neutral territory. Plan to go to a friend's house/yard to do the introductions. Also plan on spending some time there. A 10 minute intro is not going to suffice, plan for at least an hour.

Make sure that you give lots of attention to your lab, maybe even more than you do now. It's important that your lab feel secure. It's always very tempting to spend most of your time devoted to the puppy - it's human nature after all they are so tiny and cute!

But this will be a critical time in establishing a good relationship between the two dogs. Make sure your lab gets fed first, petted first, gets treated first, and make sure to devote time exclusively to him without the puppy around.

Make sure at this stage to feed them both seperately. Never leave the two of them alone unsupervised, puppies can get pretty annoying to an adult dog and with the size of a lab, his correction could prove dangerous. Also he is so much bigger than a JRT pup you will have to watch him in play too.

By treating you lab like a king, it should take some of the sting out of a new interloper.


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