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Crate Training Is Worth It!!!

Posted by:  Melissa Swain
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  November 08, 2002 at 09:23:33


I just wanted to quickly share our experience for those who are reluctant to crate train their dogs. We are proud to be owned by 2 Jack Russells, both have been crate trained since puppyhood. Our 6 month old female was spayed yesterday, and can't play with her "big brother". So last night, we drug her large wire crate into the living room, put her snuggle bed and a couple toys inside and let her rest in there while we went about our normal activities. Instead of fussing, whining and howling, we had a perfectly content little girl who snuggled up and rested, knowing she was safe and the rest of the family was nearby. Although Argus kept trying to "spring" her from her crate to play, I don't know how we would've handled trying to keep him from bothering her as well as keep her quiet and safe had we not used a crate. It's wonderful to know that such a simple thing can bring so much security and safety to both us and our dogs!