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Re: My new 5 puppies tails

Posted by:  Carol Pierce
Posted on:  November 09, 2002 at 12:14:58

In Reply to: My new 5 puppies tails
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Carissa
Posted on:  November 09, 2002 at 08:19:50


: Hi my JRT dog scout mated with one of my peckinese.
: They were just born yesterday! and this is the first time i ever had JRT/PECK. pups!
: they are the cuttest puppies evr!
: Well anyways the thing is do i clip or cut their tails?
: and if so when or what age?


Dear Carissa,

If tails are to be docked, three days is the optimum time. No later.
Do not do it yourself. Take them to a Vet.

However, these pups are entirely your own creation. There is no need to make them conform to the JRT breed standard, tail-wise.

Random, accidental breedings like this often contribute to the load of unwanted pups which go to poor homes, or wind up in SPCA's and get euthanized. I hope you take care not to have this happen again.

Best of luck with this litter.