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strong urine

Posted by:  Pat Oelslager
Category:   Medical
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 17:44:06


My little Dixie JRT, is 2 years old,has been spayed, weighs 20 lbs. I guess you may call this incontinence, some time when she is asleep and at other times when she is awake and just laying or sitting around, she dribbles urine, maybe two or three drops, the smell is so strong, smells like a tomcat that is spraying. Our vet has checked her urine twice, did a sonagram, says the only thing that he can see is the hair grows inside he vagina and some time get pulled back inside and get irrated, and another time, he say she has fat folds in her vagina and that traps the urine and it becomes stale. The smell is REALLY bad, is there anyone out there that has a similiar problem. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Pat