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Re: terrier size

Posted by:  Carol Pierce
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 20:43:17

In Reply to: terrier size
Category:   Other
Posted by:  rachel
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 19:43:25


: Hi I was thinking about purchasing a Jack Russel terrier and wanted to know a little more about them. I could not find any information about their full grown size and their shedding habits, could you give me a heads up on these subjects? thank you


Hello Rachel,

Thanks for your question to the Forum.

You could find answers to your questions about Jack Russells by reading through the Breed Standard - you can find this on the Home page of this site. Allowable height at the withers (top of the shoulder) ranges from 10 to 15 inches.

Jacks shed plenty! All coat types shed, and most agree that the smooth variety is the winner in that category.

Hope this helps you.