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Re: oral-gel or something like it

Posted by:  Leslie Hemsing
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 21:59:07

In Reply to: oral-gel or something like it
Category:   Other
Posted by:  Jasper
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 20:37:06


: Hello, my name is Jasper and I am a 20 month old pup, I just wanted to give some suggestions to the pup whose mom wrote in about the oral-gel. When I was little my mommy got me something called chilli bones, she found them at super pets, they are hard bones you put in the freezer once they get cold she let me chew on them. Mommy would also but baby carrots in the freezer and let me chew on them, she always had to watch me so I would not hurt myself, but I always loved those things. Today a baby carrott is one of my favorite things to eat. These are just a few suggestions, that may help you out, they helped me and I loved them. Have a good day adn make sure to take your mommy on lots of adventures, I sure will.


Thanks for the teething tips. I especially liked the part about your owner keeping a close eye on you while you were chewing on the frozen bones and carrots...good point! :-)