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Re: barking for attention

Posted by:  Sheryl E.
Posted on:  November 11, 2002 at 13:33:58

In Reply to: barking for attention
Category:   Barking
Posted by:  Melanie
Posted on:  November 10, 2002 at 20:15:08


: Hi,
: First I would like to thank you for your previous advice it has helped. We have a 4 month old jack who is quite a handful, we love him dearly for his personality! He has just finished puppy pre-school and he is about to start his first round of Obedience training.
: As I said he is quite a handful but very intelligent, thus, he is always testing his boundries. We tend to use time-outs (usually for 1 min or so) as a form of correction for not listening or problem behavior. However, lately whenever we put him in time-out he begins to bark and we can't seem to stop him. We do not want to give him the idea that he can get what ever he wants by making a fuss but, we can't keep him in time-out forever either. How can we solve this problem.


Hi Melanie,

You're right. You don't want to give your pup the idea that he can get what he wants by making a fuss. These little guys can be pretty manipulative. My suggestion is that you wait until he's not barking to let him out. It may seem like forever but he'll get the idea.