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Short Haired JRT feels the cold

Posted by:  Karen
Posted on:  November 12, 2002 at 07:40:46


My 16 month old short haired female JRT feels the cold dreadfully! She has a fur lined bed in her crate and a lovely thick fleece blanket in her bed at night but in this cold weather she still seems to be cold by the morning. We have thought about leaving the heating on at night for her but I was wondering if there is a slightly cheaper alternative. Would a heat pad be OK or do you think that would make her too hot? I have heard of Snugglesafe that you warm in the microwave and it it keeps a bed warm for up to 12 hours but it implies that it is for use with sick animals or young puppies - not sure if this would be OK on a regular basis although it sounds like it would be great for when she is a bit off colour.

Does anyone else have this problem? Our rough coated male seems to fare much better in the cool weather but then I guess he has more insulation!

Would greatly value any help.

Thank you.