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fear nipping

Posted by:  Kathy Hawley
Posted on:  November 12, 2002 at 10:20:52


I have a problem with my 3 yr old male jr. He is sweet and loving, until he needs something done to him medically. Then he does this thing, bares his teeth and nips at your fingers, and yips, and then runs away and hides. It 1st started with having his ears checked at the vets office, he could do all other parts of the exam fine, no problem, then came the scope, and Patches flipped out, so of course we muzzled him till he was done. Next visit it was the shot that triggered it. A few weeks ago, it was liquip meds I was trying to give him, and today it was a pill. He is a sweet dog, and we do all the trials with him, a good agility dog, etc. I want to help him get over this, as we won't be able to help him when he is sick if he continues this!
What can I do for this problem? Any help will be greatly apprectiated.
Thank you, Kathy