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my dog is biting other animals and never had befor

Posted by:  julie kelley
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  November 12, 2002 at 20:25:22


i have a 2 year old jack and about 7 months ago my daughter got a boxer and she is so playful but my jack hates her big time and we have to seperate them or he will attack her and he has also attacked the cat.when no one is around he is very loving to me and good with the kids but i dont understand how he can change and hate like this so fast.i guess right now i am really confused.he had some puppies and we still have one of his son's and he has attacked him also. i love this little guy to death but when he attacked my daughters boxer i got in the middle of it and got bit and had to go to the doctors and when he was done he acted like he didnt know what he did and was lickin my hands.now when i put him in the cage all he does is cry and cry and i feel bad. can u please help me so i can try and work this out.i want my little guy back and how do i go about doing that....thanks

julie b. kelley