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Success and doubt

Posted by:  MC
Category:   General Training
Posted on:  November 14, 2002 at 05:14:53


Hello fellow Jack-fans.
I have a 18 monthes old female jack, from the very start I've taken great care of letting her know I was her alpha (I guess I've read everything on dog psychology and training that's availiable :-D).
My question is this: I work at home so she's always with me. Lately I've realised I never left her alone, so I started doing that for short periods of time using a different ritual from the let's-go-out-togethers. And to my surprise she is happy when I show all signs of going out alone, excited, does not cry behind the door, and when I come back no matter the loud noises I make with the keys I find her on the bed (allowed) and she greets me only when she "sees" me (no she's not deaf I assure you!), sue doesnt rush to the door as soon as she hear the elevator (like she does when my husband comes back from work).
Perhaps Im deluding myself but I think this could be the sign that she's a well balanced dog with no "should I be the alpha" problem. Being at home is feeling safe, Alpha knows best and she's not anguished by my absence.
I'd like your opinion: is it all a very good sign, or have I missed an episode?

many many thanks