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not adapting to change

Posted by:  diane johnson
Category:   Barking
Posted on:  November 15, 2002 at 04:47:09


I have recently moved out of a house with a big back yard to a town home with a small patio. I take her on walks and she has made friends with the neighbor dog. I know this is not the best situation, but I had no choice. My 5 year old JRT is not adpating well...she barks when left home alone...and the neighbors are starting to complain. To top it off, if I leave her out of her crate, she will have an accident in the house (She used to stay in the house on bad weather days at least 9 hours with no proplem). I feel bad leaving her alone but it isn't for that long; I don't work so I only leave to go shopping or run errend. Now she shakes and cowers because she knows she has done wrong, what can I do to help her adapt?