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weird behavior

Posted by:  Marie Doyon
Category:   Behavior Problems
Posted on:  November 16, 2002 at 10:50:21


About four yrs ago, we adopted a female JR. Lulu is about 7 now we think. From time to time she has exhibited weird behavior, for ex, would not assosciate w/ my husband for almost 6 mons. after he took her to be spayed. She hates other dogs and has gotten into some pretty bad fights. Recently she started to screech for no apparent reason, at times when we would be petting her or others when we were not even near her. She screeches, and quickly moves away from wherever she is and usually goes under the bed. We have had the vet check her out - nothing, even had a full set of X rays taken. Where she used to sleep in bed w/ my husband and me, she attempts to snuggle with us as she used to and then screeches, jumps off the bed and goes under it. At this point, she really doesn't even appear to enjoy being petted. This, too, can elicit a screech and running away behavior. We just want our old Lulu back!