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Re: freaking out in crate

Posted by:  Marie Evans
Posted on:  November 16, 2002 at 12:44:07

In Reply to: freaking out in crate
Category:   General Training
Posted by:  Baylee
Posted on:  November 13, 2002 at 11:51:59


: My 4 month old puppy Monty freaks out when put in her crate. We have put a blanket in there, put treats and her favorite toys in there, but nothing seems to calm her. She goes into a panic attack, throwing her body up against the walls of the crate, crying and hyperventilating. Now if I try to put her in there I have to leave the house because I cannot stand to listen to her cry. I know that crate training a puppy is an invaluable tool, however, I have never seen a dog become so upset at being locked in a crate. We have relatively few other problems with her, aside from the occasional potty accident in the house. Do you think that the pros of continuing to crate train her outweigh the cons? She is so angry and upset when I finally do let her out she refuses to eat anything the rest of the day....I am at a loss for what to do in this situation. Thanks.


Hi Baylee,

Some take to crates better than others as you are finding out.

Back track a bit and just leave the crate out and open. Put in her nice little soft pad, and some favorite toys and treats. Make sure to use things that are irresistable. Let her go in there on her own and let the crate stay open so she can go in and out. As she gets more comfortable with the notion you can start to close the door.

You might want to invest in an x-pen at this time or find a small puppy-proofed room to keep her confined (make sure it's a floor without carpeting). You can put the crate in this room or x-pen.

This might be a slow process but it should be a steady one. Once she accepts going into the crate you can work on closing the door for a few minutes and gradually increase the time. What you shouldn't do is open the door on demand. She will soon learn if she acts awful enough she will get her way. Then you will know that she has trained you instead of the other way around ;)